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Sofia - Varna - Zlatni Pyassutsi (Golden Sands) - Albena - Balchik - Kaliakra - Kamen Bryag (Stone Coast) - Sofia

Day 1 - 08:00h.  leaving from Sofia to Varna. Stop for Lunch at restaurant around Veliko Tarnovo. Around 17:00 arriving in Varna. Check in at local hotel (3* or 4*). Dinner at local restaurant.

Day 2 - Breakfast. 09:00h. City tour in Varna. Lunch at local restaurant. In the afternoon visiting Zlatni Pyassutsi (Golden Sands) and Albena. Dinner at local restaurant.

Day 3 - Breakfast. 09:00h. check-out and leaving to Kaliakra and Kamen Bryag. Lunch at local restaurant. In the afternoon leaving to Sofia. Dinner at local restaurant on the way to Sofia. Late in the night arriving in Sofia.

Package prices in euro

Hotel 3*

Hotel 4*

Hotel 5*

Price per person




Price per person when travelling two persons




Price per person when travelling three persons




Price per person when travelling four persons




Price is per person, accommodated in single room and includes:

  • two nights at 3* - 4* hotel on BB basis (bed and breakfast)

  • three lunches at local restaurants

  • three dinners at local restaurants

  • English speaking guide during the whole trip

  • personal car/bus with driver

Price excludes entrance fees.

During this tour you will see:

  • Varna - exist as an settlement more that 5 thousand years;

  • Aladzha Monastery;

  • Zlatni Pyassaci (Golden Sands) - one of the first resorts;

  • Albena Resort;

  • City of Balchik - The palace of the Romanian Queen Mariya;

  • Kamen Bryag (StoneCoast);

  • Kaliakra cape;

VARNA - the city of Varna is situated at the Bay of Varna. It is the biggest city at the Bulgarian Black-sea coast. It is situated at the same latitude with Cannes, Nice, Monaco and Livorno.
Varna is a city over 110km long, its width, including the new residential quarters is nearly 9km. The city is like an amphitheatre and follows the curves of the Bay of Varna. It is surrounded by lots of gardens, vineyards and deciduous groves. Almost the whole territory is occupied with private country-houses and their small farms. The city is a regional administrative centre.

ZLATNI PYASSUTSI (GOLDEN SANDS) - the resort of Zlatni Pyassutsi is the largest one on the northern Black Sea coast (more than 1800 hectares). It is bounded on the north by Kranevo and on the south by Chaika Villa Area, and merges with the St. St. Konstantin and Elena Resort.
The resort Zlatni Pyassutsi is abundant in lush vegetation and with the numerous bushes and trees it resembles a real park. The mineral water running out of several big pipes onto the beach, as well as the marvelous deciduous wood bordering the Frangen Plateau turn Zlatni Pyassutsi into one of the pearls of the Bulgarian coast.

ALBENA - the resort of Albena is situated 32km north of Varna. It is located on a long sand stretch in the open northern part of Varna bay. It was built in 1969 in an architectural style reminiscent of one of Walter Gropius’urban models and of the time of Bauhaus. Most of the hotels have a terrace-line structure with well-projected stories. The concept of this architecture is getting more sun in summer days.

BALCHIK - the town of Balchik is 31km north and north-east of Varna. It is situated on the coast itself. There is a big harbour used for medium-size passenger and trade vessels.
After the Balkan War in 1913 it was included in the territories of Romania. Struck by the natural beauty of the place Queen Maria built a palace and a botanical garden, a chapel and a villa complex for the Romanian aristocrats. After 1940 Balchik was again included in the Bulgarian territory.
Apart from the palace, the palace complex and the botanical garden-the biggest and most diverse in the Balkans, the town is attractive to tourists with its ancient atmosphere that has been preserved for centuries now.

THE VILLAGE OF KAMEN BRYAG (STONE COAST)is 8km north of Rousalka and about 15km southeast of Shabla. By its numerous caves, shadowy reefs in the rocks under water, and rocky small bays, by the alluring infinity of the sea, the region around the village is a favourite place for holiday making of students, spaeleologists, tourists of all who prefer seclusion, unadulterated beauty and romance.

The Yailata protected locality is an unusual nature corner, located 1.5 km south of Kamen Bryag and 18 km northeast of the town of Kavarna. Reigning supreme here is its rare scenic beauty, combined with the mysteries of the past. Flowering and spreading their fragrance on the bottom of this elongated piece of land, as if sunk deep into the body of the Dobroudzha Plateau, are fragrant herbs, and the openings of numerous mysterious caves open up on the vertical rocks to the land and to the sea. Traces of ancient cave dwellings (5th millennium B.C.), ancient wine cellars, sanctuaries, stones for sacrificial offerings, necropolises, medieval, half-obliterated inscriptions, stone icons and crosses cut into the walls of the caves, draw the attention of historians, archaeologists and just inquisitive lovers of the unknown. The region has been declared an archaeological reserve, spreading on a total area of 90 ha.

Taoukliman (Birds’ Bay) is south of Yailata, about 8 km from the village of Kamen Bryag and 16 km from Kavarna. Most varied bird species can be seen here (more than 100 species), making their nests or flying in the region, declared a protected locality. The beach resembles rocky terraces, descending down to the sea, flowing among which seem to be mysterious little islands. Small cozy beaches and rock arches supplement the landscape and enhance the impression of the old time legends about buccaneers, having hidden their treasures in the great number of caves around.

KALIAKRA is a nature reserve, where dolphins, cormorants and pinnipeds can be observed. It also features the remnants of the fortified walls, water-main, baths and residence of Despot Dobrotitsa in the short-lived Principality of Karvuna's medieval capital.

Probably the most popular legend about the place is the one about 40 Bulgarian girls, who preferred to tie their hair together and jump into the Black Sea instead of the prospect to be captured by the Ottomans. An obelisk dedicated to this legend is placed at the entrance to the cape, called The Gate of the 40 Maidens.

Distance in kilometers:

  • Sofia - Varna - 470 km.

  • Varna - Zlatni Pyassutsi (Golden Sands) - 15 km.

  • Zlatni Pyassutsi (Golden Sands) - Albena - 12 km.

  • Albena - Balchik - 17 km.

  • Balchik - Kaliakra - 28 km.

  • Kaliakra - Kamen Bryag - 15 km.

  • Kamen Bryag (Stone Coast) - Sofia - 557 km.

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