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Sofia - Sopot -  Karlovo - Kazanluk - Stara Zagora -  Kalofer -  Koprivshtitsa - Strelcha -  Panagyurishte - Sofia

Sofia - Sopot -  Karlovo - Kazanluk - Stara Zagora -  Kalofer -  Koprivshtitsa - Strelcha -  Panagyurishte - Sofia

Day 1 - 09:00h. leaving from Sofia to Kazazanlak and Stara Zagora. On the way visiting Sopot  - the western part of the famous Rose Valley and Karlovo - birthplace of some of the greatest Bulgarians. Lunch at local restaurant.  In the late afternoon arriving in Stara Zagora. Check-in at hotel (3* or 4*). Dinner at local restaurant.

Day 2 - Breakfast. 09:00h. Check-out. City tour in Stara Zagora. Leaving to Kalofer. Lunch at local restaurant. Leaving to Koprivshtitsa. Check-in at local hotel (3* or 4*). Dinner at local restaurant.

Day 3 - Breakfast. 09:00h. Check out. City tour in Koprivshtitsa. Leaving to Strelcha and Panagyurishte. Lunch at local restaurant. In the evening arriving in Sofia.

Package prices in euro

Hotel 3*

Hotel 4*

Price per person



Price per person when travelling two persons



Price per person when travelling three persons



Price per person when travelling four persons



Price is per person, accommodated in single room and includes:

  • two nights at 3* - 4* hotel on BB basis (bed and breakfast)

  • three lunches at local restaurants

  • two dinners at local restaurants

  • English speaking guide during the whole trip

  • personal car/bus with driver

Price excludes entrance fees.

During this tour you will see:

  • City of Sopot - house of the Bulgarian poet Ivan Vazov and Monastery “Vavedenie Bogorodichno”;

  • City of Karlovo - house of Vasil Levski, St. Nikola church and typical old houses;

  • City of Kazanlak - The valley of the Tracian Kings;

  • City of Stara Zagora - historical and cultural center;

  • City of Kalofer - house of the famous Bulgarian poet Hristo Botev, Sveta ;Bogorodica church and the Memorial Complex of Hristo Botev;

  • Koprivshtitsa, Strelch and Panagyurishte - historical centers;

KARLOVO - the town of Karlovo is situated in the valley of the same name, which is part of the famous Rose Valley, along the two banks of Stara Reka River, left feeder of Stryama River. It is the birthplace of the greatest Bulgarian - The Apostle of Freedom Vassil Levski; the teacher Botyo Petkov (father of Hristo Botev); Dr. Ivan Bogorov (writer from the period of Bulgarian National Revival, publisher of the first Bulgarian newspaper “Bulgarski Orel” (Bulgarian Eagle) in Leipzig in 1846-1847); the brothers Evlogi and Hristo Georgievi ( distinguished representatives of the emerging Bulgarian bourgeoisie and patriots, who donated 6 million golden Levs for a Bulgarian institution of higher education - The University), and others.

KAZANLUK - it is a town located in the centre of the valley bearing the same name, whose eastern part is known beyond the boundaries of Bulgaria as the Valley of the Roses. Kazanluk is an important industrial, historical and cultural centre. The town is the Capital of the Roses (rose growing) in our country.

KALOFER - the town is beautifully situated along both banks of Toundzha River, in a small valley in the eastern foot of the Strazhata Hill (The Sentry) (a natural connection between the Balkan and the Sredna Gora Mountains). It is the birthplace of the great Bulgarian poet and revolutionary Hristo Botev.

KOPRIVSHTITSA - the town is situated along the two banks, within the upper course of the Topolnitsa River in the heart of Sushtinska Sredna Gora Mountain. A town-museum and the unique settlement in Bulgaria, which preserved in compact over 250 patterns of the Revival Period architecture. A cradle of the April Uprising (1876). A tourist centre and a mountain resort.

PANAGYURISHTE - the town is situated in a small valley in Sashtinska Sredna Gora, on both banks of Luda Yana river. Its name is of Greek origin and means a fair venue but to modern Bulgarians it has become the symbol of Bulgarian strive for freedom.
In 1949 near the town the Golden Treasure of Panagyurishte was discovered a unique Thracian treasure from the 3rd century BC, unique in the world with its original shapes and decorations.

SOPOT is a Bulgarian town situated in the fertile sub-Balkan mountain valley of Karlovo (which is the western part of the famous Rose Valley), immediately below the steep southern slopes of the Troyan Balkan Mountain (Central Stara Planina). Sopot is part of Plovdiv Province and is the administrative centre of a municipality.

STARA ZAGORA is a large city in the central part of Southern Bulgaria and constitutes an important economic centre. Stara Zagora is known as the city of straight streets, linden trees and poets. According to the city's chamber of commerce, it is one of the oldest settlements in Europe, being at least eight thousand years old.

STRELCHA’S nature and mineral water springs, combined with the rich history and natural sights, have turned Strelcha into a national spa resort all around the year. Even if the town's tourism industry has decayed somewhat in the early post-communist period, its tourist product has started to revive in the last couple of years.

The rose gardens in Strelcha spread over 3,000 decares, as this is one of the biggest rose oil production regions in Bulgaria. Rose oil of the highest quality possible is produced in the municipality. Besides roses, since the 1990s and 2000s Strelcha successfully cultivated lavender, from which first-class essential oil is extracted.

Distance in kilometers:

  • Sofia - Sopot -  130 km.

  • Sopot -  Karlovo - 5 km.

  • Karlovo - Kazanluk - 55 km.

  • Kazanluk - Stara Zagora - 32 km.

  • Stara Zagora -  Kalofer - 73 km.

  • Kalofer -  Koprivshtitsa - 74 km.

  • Koprivshtitsa - Strelcha - 20 km.

  • Strelcha -  Panagyurishte - 13 km.

  • Panagyurishte - Sofia 112 km.

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