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Вастелс България (лого)

София - Велико Търново (Арбанаси) - Дряново - Трявна - Габрово (“Етъра”) - Шипка - София

Day 1 - 09:00 h. leaving from Sofia to Veliko Tarnovo. In the afternoon arriving at Veliko Tarnovo. Lunch at local restaurant. City tour. Check-in at local hotel (3* or 4*). Dinner at local restaurant.

Day 2 - Breakfast. Check-out and leaving to Gabrovo. Visiting Tryavna,  Dryanovo and Etara. Lunch at local restaurant. Arriving at Gabrovo. Check-in at local hotel (3* or 4*). Dinner at local restaurant.

Day 3 - Breakfast. Check-out. Leaving to Shipka. Lunch at local restaurant. Leaving to Sofia. Late in the afternoon arriving in Sofia.

Package prices in euro

Hotel 3*

Price per person


Price per person when travelling two persons


Price per person when travelling three persons


Price per person when travelling four persons


Price is per person, accommodated in single room and includes:

  • two nights at 3* - 4* hotel on BB basis (bed and breakfast);

  • three lunches at local restaurants;

  • two dinners at local restaurant;

  • English speaking guide during the whole trip;

  • personal car/bus with driver;

Price excludes entrance fees.

During this tour you will see:

  • City of Veliko Tarnovo

  • City of Gabrovo

  • City of Dryanovo, Tryavna and Shipka

VELIKO TURNOVO - the town of Veliko Turnovo is regally situated along the historical hills of Sveta Gora, Tsarevets and Trapezitsa, on the two banks of the Yantra River, cutting a peculiar gorge through Turnovo Hills. The old metropolis of Bulgaria. A regional administrative centre.
Veliko Turnovo is the town with the most glorious historical past in Bulgaria. It is a symbol of Bulgarian statehood and a source of national pride for every Bulgarian.
The village of Arbanassi - Architecture and Historical Reserve located at the distance of 4km north-east of Veliko Turnovo. Its flourishing as a trade and craftsmen’s centre was during the 16th to the 18th century when the monumental houses and churches with a rich interior decoration, woodcarvings and mural paintings were built. These are unique monuments of our architectural and artistic heritage. The Arbanassi type of houses may be defined as dwellings-fortresses.

GABROVO - the town of Gabrovo is situated along the two banks of the Yantra River, at the northern foot of the Shipka Balkan Mountain (Central Stara Planina). It is situated in the immediate proximity of the geographical centre of Bulgaria and in itself is a centre of humour and jokes. A regional administrative centre.
The town has been famous for the stinginess and sharpwittedness of its inhabitants from time immemorial due to which the unique in the World House of Humour and Satire is located here.
The unique in Southeastern Europe open-air museum - the architectural ethnographic complex of Etura is situated at the distance of 8km south of the centre of Gabrovo in the immediate proximity of the Etura quarter and past the Sivek River. It is the most interesting place of interest in the town. The complex lives the authentic life of a typical craftsmanship settlement from the period of Bulgarian Revival.

DRYANOVO - the town of Dryanovo is amphitheatrically situated along the two banks of the Dryanovska River, a right tributary to the Yantra River. It is a cradle of Bulgarian construction genius. Nowadays the town and its surrounding areas develop more and more as a centre of internal and foreign tourism. In relation to its healthy climate and high average life expectancy the town is often referred to as the “town of centenarians”.

TRYAVNA - the town of Tryavna is situated in a small valley expansion of the Tryavna Balkan mountain (Central Stara Planina), along the two banks of the Dryanovska River. Cradle of the unique in its kind Revival Art School - the Tryavna School. Tryavna has preserved its Revival appearance even today. The old part was proclaimed an architecture reserve with about 140 monuments of Revival architecture.

Distance in kilometers:

  • Sofia - Veliko Turnovo - 221 km.

  • Veliko Turnovo - - Dryanovo - 19 km.

  • Dryanovo - Tryavna - 22 km.

  • Tryavna - Gabrovo - 25 km.

  • Gabrovo - Shipka - 40 km.

  • Shipka - Sofia - 185 km.

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