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Вастелс България (лого)

София - Перущица - Брацигово - Пещера - Батак - Велинград - София

Day 1 - 09:00 h. leaving from Sofia to Velingrad. Travel trough Peroushtitsa, Bratsigovo, Peshtera. Visiting places of interest. Passing trough Batak dam and the city of Batak. Lunch at the lake. In the afternoon arriving in Velingrad. Check-in at local hotel (3* or 4*). Dinner at local restaurant.

Day 2 - Breakfast. Check-out. City tour in Velingrad. Lunch at local restaurant. Leaving to Sofia. Late in the afternoon arriving at Sofia.

Package prices in euro

Hotel 3*

Hotel 4*

Hotel 5*

Price per person




Price per person when travelling two persons




Price per person when travelling three persons




Price per person when travelling four persons




Price is per person, accommodated in single room and includes:

  • one night at 3* - 4* hotel on BB basis (bed and breakfast);

  • two lunches at local restaurants;

  • one dinner at local restaurant;

  • English speaking guide during the whole trip;

  • personal car/bus with driver;

Price excludes entrance fees.

During this tour you will see:

  • City of Peroushtitsa, Bratsigovo, Peshtera and Batak

  • Batak Dam

  • City of Velingrad - Spa resort

VELINGRAD - the town is Bulgaria’s largest spa resort. It is situated amidst the wonderful natural surrounding of the Western Rhodopes, in the western part of the Chepino Valley, which is famous as the sunniest part of the Rhodopes.
The abundance of mineral waters, the modern spa resort facilities, mild climate and wonderful natural conditions offer recreation to over 200 000 people here every year.

BATAK - the town of Batak is situated at the northern foothill of the Batak Mountain (Western Rhodopes), along the two banks of the Stara Reka River. The name of this little town is sacred for every Bulgarian. It is a symbol of martyrdom and self-sacrifice in the name of freedom.

BRATSIGOVO - the town of Bratsigovo is situated in the northern foothill of Ravnogor Hill (Western Rhodopes), along the two banks of the little Umishka River. It is one of those historical towns, which uphold the national spirit of Bulgarian people. A climatic and balneological mountain resort and a tourist site.

PEROUSHTITSA - the town of Peroushtitsa is situated in the fertile Gornotrakiiska (Upper Thracian) Lowland. Its name is one of the symbols of the April heroic events of 1876.

PESHTERA is a town in southwestern Bulgaria, part of Pazardzhik Province, located in the Upper Thracian Lowlands at the foot of the Western Rhodopes. It takes its name from the many caves (peshtera is the Bulgarian word for 'cave') found in the vicinity.
The first traces of human presence in the area date from the Neolithic.

Distance in kilometers:

  • Sofia - Peroushtitsa - 140 km.

  • Peroushtitsa - Bratsigovo - 25 km.

  • Bratsigovo - Peshtera - 7 km.

  • Peshtera - Batak (Batak Dam) - 15 km.

  • Batak (Batak Dam) - Velingrad - 27 km.

  • Velingrad - Sofia - 130 km.

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